Tuesday, February 02, 2021



Why did Mrs. Appalachian Irishman have “snow” days off yesterday and today? What snow? Do you call a dusting and mild winter weather snow? Weaklings! I digress, of course.

2/1/2021, Monday: I am supposed to work at home every Monday through Wednesday and at office, doing the same job, Thursday and Friday. It started 2/1/2021. I will see. I am very ready to retire from my state job, since they don't care about my wisdom, as to how to manage the state department. I'm almost done! We will see. (That's another digression. Forgive me.)

12/25/2020 Rogersville Review Photo

The Rogersville Review, 12/25/2020, Christmas Day, article included a photograph of the the Cherokee Chiefs girls junior varsity basketball team. The main website is I see a Ferrell, as number 22, standing proudly. Don't you?

12/27/2021 Rogersville Review Photo and Article

The Rogersville Review 1/27/2021 article includes an article and photograph. The photograph is above. I see #22. Do you?

The article describes how the Lady Chiefs Junior Varsity won the game. It states that my niece scored seven points!


My work is insanity, as usual, of course. Life goes on, such as it is, for my family, for my “out-laws” (as I joke), and for my readers. We are “livin' la vida Rona” in the context of the USSA starting. We survive.

My niece brings honor to the Fearghail clan. Her achievements brings me joy, as I write this, in her honor. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I love you, our niece! We love your father, mother, and younger sister too! Hey! When will we see y'all? We have Christmas gifts for your sister and you! It's Groundhog Day today!

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