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I had started writing this on 2/21/2021, Sunday, before House Mountain hike #176. I had wondered if 2 people attained age 21 on 2/21/21. I like my number play humor.

I had decided to take another effort to educate those who are still afflicted by Corona Myopia Psychosis. I do not have the Myopia. We all have the Psychosis. Some do not have the Myopia. I will attempt to clear the Myopia for those who have it.

The Data (2/21/2021)

(1) TN State Government COVID-19 Unified Command (via:

All end dates are Saturday. COVID-19 death totals are cumulative. I broke down the quarterly COVID-19 deaths.

TN 2020 COVID-19:

01/05/2020 (Sun.) - 03/28/2020 (2020 1st quarter; 12 weeks): 6 dead.


     03/07/2020: 0 cases (the date the data started to show).

     03/21/2020: 1 dead (the first death that shows).

06/27/2020 (2020 2nd quarter; 13 weeks): 584 dead – 6 = 578 new deaths.

     Note: 44.46 average deaths per week.

09/26/2020 (2020 3rd quarter; 13 weeks): 2,374 dead – 578 = 1,796 new deaths.

     Note: 138.15 average deaths per week.

12/26/2020 (2020 4th quarter; 13 weeks): 6,443 dead – 1,796 = 4,647 new deaths.


      357.46 average deaths per week.

     6,443 total 2020 deaths in 51 weeks = 126.33 average deaths per week.

TN 12/27/2020, Sunday, to 2/20/2021 COVID-19:

8 full weeks: 11,115 dead – 4,647 = 6,468 new deaths


      51 new deaths on 2/20/2021.

      808.50 average deaths per week.

TN 1/1/2021, Monday, to 2/20/2021 COVID-19:

11,115 dead as of 2/20/216,907 dead as of 12/31/20 = 4,208 dead in 2021, so far.

(2) TN IndexMundi (key COVID-19 numbers below match the numbers above)



TN 2021, as of 2/21/2021, 10:18 AM ET:

9,578 non-COVID-19 deaths (so far; the number keeps increasing).

+ 4,208 COVID-19 deaths (so far).

      Notes: this is 2021 COVID-19 deaths: 11,064 2/19/21 + 51 on 2/20/21 = 11,115 so far.

     - 6,907 12/31/2020 cumulative total = 4,208 2021 COVID -19 deaths (as of 12/20/21, Friday).

= 13,786 total 2021 TN deaths, as of 2/21/21, 10:18 AM ET.


(3) TN 2019 TOTAL DEATHS:;jsessionid=311A2150206900156684CFE45AB8

2019 total TN deaths 71,935

For the life of me, I could not find 2020 TN total death number. It is not there yet.

Observations from the Data (2/23/2021)

First, the average COVID-19 deaths per week are continuing to increase. The “mitigation” efforts either are hogwash and are not working or are saving the lives of countless others, who could have been included in the death totals. I suspect hogwash. I will not reference the valid science that refutes the pseudoscience that the socialist propagandists use. True science refutes the false science.

Second, the propagandists have won. The USSA is, as of 1/6/2021, an official “socialist utopia.”

Finally, I hiked House Mountain #176, Sunday, 1/21/2021. I have written about it. Why did I start this article? Why does anyone care, about the new cold virus numbers, etc., anymore? I don't know, unless it fits the socialist propagandists' agenda. They won. The historical USA lost. Several of us, not the majority, apparently, still STAND, as once free people, in a once free and great nation.


At about 5:22 PM, on 2/23/2021, Tuesday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, Molly doggy, and I are “livin' la vida Rona!” It ain't fun. We endure.

Keep on enduring, in the former USA, my friends! I may have another article on “polytics” in a day or so. Wait for it.

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M. Fearghail said...

On 2/23/2021, Tuesday, I had written, “30.05% OF ALL TN 2021 DEATHS, SO FAR, ARE FROM COVID-19.” My 2/27/2021, Saturday, addendum: I do NOT believe the numbers! If 30.05% of all TN 2021 deaths are from the new cold virus, then NOT MANY are dying, due to other reasons, such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, etc. I do NOT believe the HOGWASH! The socialists are in control of the fake numbers.