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I have a “Farcebook” account, under a not given alias, as some readers may know. I use it to encourage readership, to this website.

I know two fine Christian gentlemen. We met in Russia, back in the 1990's. We are friends and brothers in Christ. (We are also “Farcebook” friends.)

These two fine brothers posted recently, on “Farcebook.” One was a re-post, of another brother in Christ's post. The posts were not the usual dribble, on “Farcebook.” They deserve commentary. I will do so.

The Insane Asylum

One fine brother in Christ wrote, ”Watching the congress and administration since I returned to the USA nearly 20 years ago, I surmised my taxes were buying the most expensive circus ticket ever.... and the clowns were not even funny. Now, I realize my taxes are paying for an insane asylum with the mask of a circus indecently exposed to the whole world.”

My comments: that is well-written wordsmithery! We returned, from Russia, to the USA, in late 1999. We have seen the same insane asylum developing.

On 1/6/2021, the USA (United States of America) became the USSA (Ununited Socialist States of America). The first President, of the USSA, was inaugurated, on 1/20/2021. As this brother also stated eloquently, the “insane asylum with the mask of a circus indecently exposed to the whole world” continues.

These are the last days of the USA and the early days of the USSA. In time, the cost of everything will be much higher than now. Taxes will be much higher. The “equity,” not equality, will continue. Those, with higher income, will, in “equity,” have their income re-distributed, to the lower income folks. Eventually, those, in private homes, will be forced, in “equity,” to share their homes with others. The list will go on, until the USSA falls, as the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) did. We are in the last days of a once great nation (USA) and in the beginning of the USSA -- “insane asylum,” as this brother described eloquently. We must remember that these are the “good” days.

I understand how those, in the last days of other nations, or empires, must have felt – such as, in relatively recent history: France, Germany, Britain, USSR, and so forth. The USA to USSA transition is only the next one. I may see my brother, in a USSA gulag, one of these years, if we live long enough.

This brother's eloquence also wrote, “politicians promise a paradise for parasites.” The literary style of repetition is outstanding! (It inspired the title of this article.) Beyond that, however, is the reality in the USSA. Since, at least, the 1930's, in the former USA, politicians have pandered for votes -- by funding the parasites, with our tax dollars. The parasite paradise parades onward, sadly.

The Earth is the Center of the Universe

The other fine brother in Christ re-posted an original post, by Dr. F. LaGard Smith. You can search online, by his name, to find the books that he has published. He is a scholar and a man of God. I have not met him. I have read some of his books. I found his Lagard Smith website (which is active as of the date of this article).

Dr. F. LaGard Smith's original “Farcebook” post wrote, in part, “Merely consider the 'science,' from Aristotle and Ptolemy on down, affirming the earth to be the center of the universe (with the Church lamely 'following the science,' not the reverse, as is often claimed).” He mentioned “faux science,” in the context of this new cold virus, which I call Corona Myopia Psychosis. You can find and “friend” Dr. Smith on “Farcebook,” to see his full post. Why he didn't write an article, on his website, is beyond my understanding. He should have.

My further comments: Dr. F. LaGard Smith had pithy comments, about the macroevolutionary theory (Darwinism). That theory was inspired by humanism. The humanist philosophy started, with Protagoras (485-415 BC). He stated, “of all things the measure is man, of the things that are, that they are, and of the things that are not, that they are not." This is paraphrased, usually, as “man is the measure of all things." Darwinism advanced humanism. Humanism advanced communism and socialism.

Darwinism affirms -- with no proof, with no proof to be found, ever -- that existence started from nothing. The nothing exploded (i.e, big bang theory). The nothing, over billions and billions of years (e.g., Carl Sagan), evolved, to where this universe stands now. It is hogwash! There is no proof. By God's grace, in Russia, we led several atheistic evolutionists to Christ. The evidence for the man, who comes around annually, on December 25th, to deliver presents to all the good children, has more credibility.

Dr. F. LaGard Smith's point was obvious. The Catholic Church “followed the science,” when the majority of scientists affirmed that the earth was the center of the universe. The science was wrong. Those, who followed the wrong science, were wrong. He placed that in the context of this new cold virus.

The bottom line is: the USSA socialist parasite paradise parade has just started! Wait for it to get “better” (i.e., worse) in time. Do you remember the old joke, from the Soviet Union? I do. The soviet bureaucrat asks the man, “how are you, comrade?” The man replies, “We are warm. We are healthy. We have a good apartment. We have plenty to eat. We have good jobs.” After the bureaucrat leaves, the man returns to the family apartment, which they share with another family. It is cold. They are hungry. No food is in the apartment. Not much food is in the soviet stores. They have no rubles to buy food.


The USSA parasite paradise parades onward. I'll have another article or two, probably tomorrow. You will like them more than this one. I didn't like having to write this one. I did. It is done. It's almost suppertime.


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Great article, I hope many read it.

M. Fearghail said...

Thank you, Unknown! Please feel free to share my website. We who think alike continue to STAND for FREEDOM.