Thursday, November 11, 2021

11/11/2021, VETERANS DAY (published 11/11/2021)


Happy Veterans Day, Thursday, y'all! I hope that y'all are doing well enough out there! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are surviving life – such as it is.

We were both off work today. I had thought about getting House Mountain hike #179 today, but the crisp and clear days turning into cloudy and windy today. I decided to take it easy. My work (at home Monday through Wednesday but at office Thursday and Friday) insanity has become insanity gone wild! I am resuming my search for work-at-home editing and/or writing jobs, so that I can retire from my current job. We will see what happens.

Calls to Two Brothers, a First Cousin, and “Gator”

I am the eldest of four boys. My brother, who is next to eldest, is a veteran. I always call him on Veterans Day. We saw each other on on 7/3/2021. My 7/5/2021 article wrote about it. I had left him voice mail, on 9/6/2021, Labor Day. He was, apparently, very busy. I reached him by phone today! We talked almost an hour! He seems to be doing well enough. He was in Operation Desert Storm. Most likely, the various immunizations he had to take caused his illness, which he has had for a few decades. The VA seems to be doing right, well enough, in its slow and bureaucratic manner, by him. He remains a Tennessee Vols fan. I follow the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia invades Tennessee, on 11/13/2021, Saturday, to spoil the Vols' homecoming college football game. If the Vols win, in a “miracle,” then I owe my brother and his folks a dinner or supper, at the location he picks. Sorry, Mom! I know that I should not bet, but this is a sure win! If my Bulldogs win, my brother doesn't have to do anything for me. We will see what happens, on Saturday! Go DAWGS!

My next to youngest brother called me back, on our first cousin's phone. (I had left messages on both numbers.) He and I spoke a few minutes. I had a good conversation with our first cousin. (He is 15 years older than me.) We talked about the good, bad, and ugly in life. I'm glad to know that he is doing well enough. Eventually, as we conversed, we will join the everlasting family reunion, at Home! Come, dear Lord, come soon! Otherwise, we will get Home, in time.

About 5 PM, I called my good friend and brother in Christ, “Gator.” (I have written about him before. Search “Gator.”) We were grade school and high school friends. We graduated high school together. He is still my friend. We see each other every now and then. We call each other every now and then. His family and he are doing well enough. He still works, very hard, for a living. I hope to see him, around Thanksgiving week. We will see.


Veterans Day started as Armistice Day, on 11/11/1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. The USA Congress passed a resolution in 1926, for an annual observance. November 11 became a national holiday in 1938. Unlike Memorial Day, Veterans Day honors all American veterans — living or dead — who served the USA honorably during war or peace.

Have you ever read “War and Peace,” by Tolstoy? I have, in English, not fully in the original Russian, as an apology to my weakness. I wonder if the 1/6/2021 start of the USSA will end in war or peace. Either way, folks in the USSA (1/6/2021 start) NEED to HONOR USA VETERANS TODAY! I have done so. I feel better, by having done so.

That's all.

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M. Fearghail said...

11/16/2021, Tuesday: I also emailed my friend and US Air Force retired Major, JC, on 11/11/21. I thought about my father-in-law, on 11/11/21. I should have either seen or called him. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman saw him. I was busy at home, calling the folks mentioned in my article. Yesterday, 11/15/21, I called my father-in-law. We spoke as men. I thanked him for his service in the US Air Force. I had to get this commentary, as an update, in today!