Sunday, November 21, 2021

THE BUILD BACK BROKE BILL (published 11/21/2021, Sunday)


Well, howdy, again, y'all! “Yestrdey,” as folks around hear say it, I had promised to finish and publish my “poly-tics” article. I try to keep my promises, as any true Appalachian Irishman would do. Any man or woman -- who was raised in the Appalachian-Irish and biblically based heritage -- understands. (Yes, gender has only two options, male and female. The humor is that some folks think that about a thousand or so genders exist. Is there an innie? Female. Is there an outie? Male. That's all. I apologize for my digression.)

My paternal grandfather, Marion Ferrell (4/13/1880 - 11/21/1970) went Home, before his wife, Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell (11/30/1892 - 6/11/1971), on 11/21/1970 – when I was age ten. Granny and Papaw Ferrell married on 11/25/1908. Granny was almost age 16! My Mom, Betty Lou Wood Ferrell, was born on 11/24/1932. Mom “went to see Jesus” – as she had stated that she wanted to do, before she passed -- on 12/27/2000. My book, to be published eventually, “Light at the End of the Tunnel,” will have many details.

Papaw Ferrell wasn't interested in politics, as I recall. My uncle Bill Ferrell (8/20/1914 - 6/21/1999) was interested in the political realm. He served as Hawkins County Tennessee Proper Assessor many years. I remember him well. He was the oldest brother to my Dad (Earl Ferrell, 9/17/1927 - 1/25/2008). Uncle Bill inspired my Dad to involve himself in the political realm, as a commentator. Dad's verbal and political commentaries waxed so eloquent, over the years, that Mom had to do her best to curb his Irish salty and glib tongue! After Mom went to see Jesus, us boys endured Dad's vivid interest in C-SPAN, Fox News, and other TV shows. I'm glad that Dad isn't here now. The political and, most importantly, moral condition of the once great USA is far worse now.

Now that I have set the heritage context, shall we get into “poly-tics!” We shall! Read on!

The Blackburn Report

Senator Marsha Blackburn had my vote for Tennessee Senator. (Bill Hagerty, the other TN Senator, did not get my vote. I had voted for myself. His robotic calls and texts to my cell phone, to get me to vote for him, drove me almost insane! I still do not know how his robot got my cell phone number.)

Every Saturday morning, I enjoy reading “The Blackburn Report” – emailed to folks weekly, usually in the early morning hours on a Saturday. (I don't know why they have to work so late, on a Friday.)

The latest “The Blackburn Report,” of 11/19/2021, Friday, came to me, by email (, on 11/20/2021, at 12:35 AM. (I'm glad that I didn't work that late on Friday!) Marsha Blackburn is doing her best to slow down the further demise of the USSA into “Socialist Utopian Oblivion” (as my coined phrase, on 11/21/2021). Are you learning Mandarin yet? I need to stop procrastinating on my efforts! Maybe the Russians will overtake the USSA. If so, I can speak, read, and write, in Russian, well enough!

Marsha Blackburn used the phrase “Build Back Broke bill,” to describe the 11/19/2021, Friday, USSA House passage of whatever the next socialist monopoly money spending is called. The vote, on 11/19/2021, was 220 for to 213 against, with a Maine “Demorat” joining the “Republicants” to vote against the monopoly money spending spree.

If you want to know how the monopoly money will be “spent,” you may wish to read the article, “The House Just Passed Biden’s Build Back Better Bill. Here’s What’s In It,” by Nik Popli and Abby Vesoulis (1/19/2021, 9:48 AM EST). Yesterday, I wasted a little of my time reading the article. Keep watching the USSA debt clock spin – but not too long, as it will make you dizzy!


I DO NOT like to write “poly-tics” articles! I need to do so, for the record of my efforts to STAND – against the socialists' efforts to drive this ONCE GREAT nation into “Socialist Utopian Oblivion.”

I CONTINUE TO STAND – as a once free man, in a once free and great nation. Join me? Many have done so. I hope many more will.

At 4:41 PM, this typing, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman just came home, from visiting her folks. I need to get another heritage article written. I'm glad that I have this “poly-tics” article out of my mind, finally! It's starting to get dark, y'all. I ain't in the woods, hiking, sadly.

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