Friday, November 26, 2021

11-23-2021, TUESDAY: DAD GOT THIRD (SAME) JUNK MAIL HERE! (published 11-26-2021, Friday)


The Barrington Media Group must think that the third time is the charm! My Dad (Earl Ferrell, 9/17/1927 - 1/25/2008) received his third junk mail from these folks, here, on 11/23/2021, Tuesday!

This is my third article, in which I poke fun at the Barrington Media Group! They do not know how to stop! I assume that they enjoy wasting the price to mail junk to my deceased father -- despite my two phone calls, to try to stop them!

Junk Mail History

My two previous articles have the junk mail history. I re-read them. I enjoyed my humor, as my past self made my current self laugh a while.

SATURDAY, 10/16/2021: USPS EMAIL - DAD IS GETTING JUNK MAIL HERE TODAY! (published 10/17/2021).

11-6-21, SATURDAY: DAD GOT MORE/SAME JUNK MAIL and I GOT JUNK MAIL! (published 11-7-2021).

Third Time was NOT the Charm!

The following is what Dad received at our address, on 11/23/2021, Tuesday! I had to write on it. I redacted our address, to remove it.


I called 800-264-5420, for the third time, on 11/23/2021 – during my work-at-home lunch. I was not as polite. I was professionally demanding. I doubt that the sales representative (male) will do anything, again, as usual. I required the name and contact information for the marketing director. I required that the sales representative ask the marketing director to email me. (I provided my email address.) I suggested very strongly that the Barrington Media Group scrub their bulk mailing list against the deceased lists that each state has. I spoke. The man did not hear. As the conversation ended, the man asked if he could help me with anything else. I replied that I am trying to help the company that employs him. I hung up.

The small print, in each of the three junk mailings to Dad, is from the Barrington Media Group, 4 Armstrong Road, 3rd Floor, Shelton, CT 06484; 203-225-6161; Peter Stavisky started Barrington Media Group LLC, in 2003.

On this Friday afternoon, 11/26/2021, I'm fixin' to give a few thoughts, from my glib Irish writing! I'll send my email with read receipt required and high priority. If Dad gets a fourth junk mail from the Barrington Media Group, I will either call their corporate number or send them a certified return receipt postal letter.

I may stop these folks – eventually. If not, I look forward to sharing this story with Dad, once I join him at Home.

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