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11-6-2021: WINS for GEORGIA DAWGS & TENNESSEE “VOWELS” (published 11/7/2021)


11/6/2021, Saturday, was an excellent day for anything outside. The 28°F morning low brought a good freeze. Regrettably, the sun, in the clear, blue sky, warmed to the high of about 68°F – too warm, for this Appalachian Irishman. Moscow, Russia, 11/6/2021: low 46°F, high 49°F. The low here was lower than Moscow, Russia, on 11/6/2021. 

November normal lows and highs: Moscow, Russia, 29°F and 35°F; here, 39°F and 58°F. Source: It ain't “global climate change,” y'all! It is variations in weather patterns! Anyone can track the historical weather patterns, over decades or centuries. The earth is in a SLIGHT historical warming pattern cycle, NOT a slight historical cooling pattern. I will NOT waste my time further. Anyone, with any sense and without a hidden agenda, knows. Enough talk on the weather!

My Georgia Dawgs Won – as Anticipated

My #1 ranked (AP/Coaches) Georgia DAWGS stomped the unranked Missouri Tigers, 43 to 6 – a double stomping! A stomp is a win by at least 14 points. A double stomp is a win by at least 28 points. The win was a double stomp, with an additional nine points.

The game started at 12 PM. I watched a little of it, before I had to haul trash. After, my '06 Frontier enjoyed another good hand washing and exterior detailing at Synergy Auto Wash, in Halls. (My “SEPTEMBER 11, 2021 (Published 9-12-2021)” article mentioned the truck wash. I didn't mention then, but do now, that the usual price had increased from $13 to $18, on 9/11/2021. A dollar ain't worth much these days.)

I thought that I would return home, to watch the last of the game. The various delays, caused by many folks being out and about, prohibited me. Local radio stations didn't carry the game, of course. I don't have, and won't buy, a satellite automobile radio system. I watched the highlights on the “Interweb.”

What did Mrs. Appalachian Irishman do, you ask? She did the Tractor Supply run, for Molly doggy! Then, she took our '08 Honda Civic to get an oil change. I had noticed oil drips in the pan, in the garage, under her car. The oil pan plug was stripped out enough to drip. The car got a new oil pan drain plug. What was the cost, you ask? You do not want to know. A dollar ain't worth much these days. Next, she shopped at our local IGA, spending more than she would have preferred, as “new normal” usual. (Same theme: a dollar ain't worth much these days.) Finally, as usual, she visited a while with her folks, who live about three miles away from us.

Them Tennessee “Vowels” Won – as a “Miracle!”

Some spiritual folks use “miracle” very loosely. A miracle involves setting aside natural law. Many examples are in the Bible (e.g., Jesus raised from the dead, etc.). I almost died on 3/29/2016. Search by topic, My "Bionic" Life 3/29/2016+, if it works. (I need to fix that search setting.) At times, folks have said that my 90% death, as I call it, was “a miracle.” NO IT WAS NOT! I was, by some degree of providence, fortunate – or unfortunate. My “Light at the End of the Tunnel” book, once published, will include details – as a side track chapter.

Let's get back to the “Vowels!” I call them “Vowels,” since one, now gone, Tennessee basketball head coach, who was a Yankee, pronounced “Vols” as “Vowels.” It's just funny!

The unranked Tennessee (TN) “Vowels” beat (wk. 8 ranked #15 AP/#14 Coaches) Kentucky (KY) “Wild Kitties,” in Lexington, Kentucky, 45 to 42! I watched the game (7 PM start). I was amazed! I had predicted KY 49, TN 42 – in a loss by offensive shoot outs. Neither team had much defense, as I had predicted.

The score was already TN 45, KY 42. KY had 4th down and 24 yards to go at their 34 yard line, with 55 seconds left in the 4th quarter. I had expected the “Vowels” to stop them, but wait: KY quarterback Will Levis passed complete to Izayah Cummings, for 28 yards, to the TN 38 yard line, for a 1st down! Next, however, KY had four incomplete passes and turned the football over to the “Vowels” on 4th down and 10 yards. The “Vowels” ran out the clock, by three victory formations.

Way to go, VOLS! Yes, I will give them credit. I may start saying “Vols,” instead of “Vowels,” now that they have beaten a ranked team in the SEC. I'd rather see the Tennessee VOLS win than lose. I still like them well enough. They are my second favorite college football team. I do not have enough decades left in life, to see “them VOLS” return to their former glory – unless they surprise me. If they do, I will let you know.


The TN VOLS host my Georgia DAWGS, on 11/13/2021, Saturday, at 3:30 PM – the TN homecoming game.

I predict that my DAWGS will grant the VOLS a homecoming game loss – by at least a stomp. Does anyone want to bet against me? I didn't think so! (Sorry, Mom, I know that I should not bet.) As the sun goes down, I'll wind down. I'm glad that we are back on normal time! Don't worry, Elmcroft at Halls, I ain't ready for a rocking chair yet!

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