Sunday, November 07, 2021

11-6-2021, SATURDAY: DAD GOT MORE/SAME JUNK MAIL and I GOT JUNK MAIL! (published 11-7-2021)


Don't you enjoy getting junk mail – especially after you have already gone HOME? I wonder what Dad would say!

11/6/2021, Saturday, the junk mail arrived. Dad got another/same junk mail. I got junk mail too!

Dad's Junk Mail

My 10/17/2021 article “SATURDAY, 10/16/2021: USPS EMAIL - DAD IS GETTING JUNK MAIL HERE TODAY! (published 10/17/2021)” poked fun at the junk mail Dad got.

Those folks will not stop! The same folks send Dad more junk mail! It arrived 11/6/2021!


This time, I plan to call these folks, probably tomorrow, to educate them. If my call doesn't educate them, I plan to write and send them a postal letter. I may let you know how I stop these junk mail folks. They need to be educated.

I wonder if Dad would like their “free gym membership,” at HOME. He doesn't need their hearing aids, eyeglasses, or rides to medical appointments.

My Junk Mail

Not to be outdone, I also received junk mail, on 11/6/2021, Saturday. Hey, Dad! I'm trying to keep up with you!

I wonder if the folks at Elmcroft of Halls will enjoy my phone call to them. I may call them tomorrow, or in a few days. I will ask the person who answers, if he or she (as there are only two options) would like to try to keep up with me – on a hike on My Mountain (House Mountain). I may write a follow up article, if I decide to do so.


Yes, I know. The weather was good enough for a House Mountain hike, either yesterday or today – or on both days. I'll get around to my hike #179.

I had to get my trifecta today written and published – this article being the first one. My desire to write overcame my desire to hike – with apology to my hiking desire.

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M. Fearghail said...

I called the number (above) for Dad (the Medicare stuff) today. The man stated that he would ensure that those folks stop sending my Dad more junk mail. We will see. Also, I called the number (above) for me (the retirement home stuff) today. The lady did not take me up on my offer to see if she could out hike me on House Mountain. I called both numbers, while working at home, during my “lunch.” By the way, my work is usually insane. Today was insanity gone wild. I wonder: when I will enact my State retirement? We will see.