Friday, March 25, 2022

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY -- E-MAIL NOTICES (published 3-25-2022; article #310)


Technical difficulties are always so much “fun.” My website is having one.

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E-Mail Notices

The “Get E-mail Notices When I Post - I Won't See Your E-Mail Address” section of my website is down. is not working, as it had been doing. I had been getting e-mails to myself, when I published articles. That’s my internal check, to ensure e-mails are being sent, to those who subscribe. I can’t see e-mail subscribers names or e-mail addresses -- not even my own!

I haven’t received e-mails on my last several published articles. Today, I e-mailed Blogtrottr, which replied. Blogtrottr and I are working on the correction.


This technical difficulty will be overcome! Technical “fun” still makes me think back on my 3/9/2006 article, “Give Me a Horse and a Dirt Road!

I’m looking at another option: We will see. Stand by!


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