Sunday, March 20, 2022

MARCH MADNESS 2022 – IF ANYONE CARES (published 3-20-2022; article #304)


Howdy, y'all! Are your mind and eyes engaged, to read a while? Despite the warm and sunny weather, I prefer to write and not hike. I have six articles in rough draft! This is the first one.

The articles will become more profound, starting with this “if anyone cares” article, as the least profound. I apologize to readers, who are fanatics for the Tennessee college basketball teams – including Mrs. Appalachian Irishman!

Tennessee Basketball in March

The men's team, on Friday, March 11, 2022, won the SEC Tournament Championship. They beat Mississippi State, 72 - 59. That was the first SEC Championship that the men's team had won in several years, or decades. I don't keep track of that stuff.

The men entered the “March Madness” tournament. On Thursday, 3/17/2022, St. Patrick's Day, they won Round One: #3 Tennessee 88. #14 Longwood 56. Happy belated St. Patrick's Day, by the way, to y'all!

For Round Two, yesterday (Saturday), March 19, 2022, they lost: #11 Michigan 76. #3 Tennessee 68. That was one of those bracket busting upsets. Once again, Tennessee has no “Sweet 16” appearance.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is fond of the Lady Vols. They didn't win the SEC Tournament Championship. I have forgotten the date and which team beat them. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman remembers.

Yesterday, the Lady Vols, however, won Round One, of their “March Madness:” #4 Tennessee 80. #13 Buffalo 67.

Round Two will be tomorrow (3/21/2022, Monday), at 7 PM. The Lady Vols will play #12 Belmont. I recon that the TV will have to be on whatever channel for the game – not on the Gunsmoke channel, as usual.


From court-side, this is the Appalachian Irishman signing off, from his March Madness update. I thought that you might be bored. I was, while writing this article!

Let's move to article number two!

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