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“Whirlwind Publications” (as I call my three articles of yesterday) are behind me. The theme of this article is family heritage.

This article is a tribute – to a fine grandmother and to a fine niece. The Fearghail clan continues – in honor of God, family, and heritage. (Well, at least many of the clan do.)

Granny Ferrell

Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell (Granny Ferrell) was my paternal grandmother. She was born on 11/30/1892. She joined Papaw Marion Ferrell (4/13/1880 - 11/21/1970), on 6/11/1971, when she passed, at age 78. (I was age 10, almost age 11.)

Granny and Papaw Ferrell were licensed to marry, on 11/24/1908. (My Mom was born 11/24/1932.) They were married the next day. Granny Ferrell attained age 16, five days after their marriage. (Papaw Ferrell was age 28.)

 Source: "Tennessee Marriages, 1796-1950", database, FamilySearch ( 27 January 2020), Marion Ferrell, 1908.

Papaw Marion Ferrell had eloped with Molly Gertrude (nickname “Gertie”) Archer -- on the same day that Winfield Lype (Lipe) and Gertie Carter had eloped. According to family, the two couples were wed the same day, on the same trip. Papaw Marion Ferrell had driven a wagon to Rogersville, with both brides. Gertie Carter was sister to Bert Carter. Lula Archer was sister to Molly Gertrude Archer. Lula Archer had married Bert Carter. The Carters and Archers were raised in the Mooresburg/Old Spruce Pine area of Hawkins County, Tennessee. Later the Carters and Archers moved to Moshiem, in Greene County, Tennessee. Papaw Ferrell and Winfield Lype had farms in the Hickory Cove area of Hawkins County.


 Photograph provided by my first cousin, Debbie.

I remember the house, the front porch, and the swing very well – as well as the barn, the shed, the smoke house, the two-seater outhouse, and other items. One of my first cousins had provided the above photograph of Granny Ferrell. I think the year was 1965. I don't know who the child is (an assumed grandchild).

Granny and Papaw Ferrell raised two girls and six boys. Granny, as family know, had one miscarriage, due to working too much on the farm, while Papaw was off hunting or trading. My Dad (Earl H. Ferrell) was their youngest child. I am the oldest son of Earl and Betty Lou Wood Ferrell, who had four sons and no daughters.

Memories of Granny and Papaw Ferrell are many. My Ferrell cousins (of Fearghail clan, County Longford, Ireland) and I need to write a historical book – with many details, before it becomes too late to do so.

I will write three memories of Granny Ferrell. First, while Granny and Papaw were still “keeping house,” I had stayed with them a while. Mom and Dad let me stay with both sets of my grandparents, for a few days, in summers. Those were great summer vacation memories for me! I had done something bad. I don't recall what I'd done. Granny was hunting to whip me! I had hidden. Papaw Ferrell came inside, at the time Granny had found me. Papaw saved me from a well-deserved whipping! Neither set of my grandparents ever whipped me. I had needed a few, probably!

Later, after Granny and Papaw “broke up house keeping,” they stayed, separately, at times with us, when we lived on the old Livesay farm (near “dead man's curve” off old highway 11W). Granny liked bottled Pepsi Cola. When she visited, she and I would set on that big L-shaped porch, near the corner of the “L.” She would give me a Pepsi Cola, to drink one with her!

Finally, Granny Ferrell was living in the basement apartment, of Avery and Lula (Ferrell) Absher. Dad used to take my next to eldest brother and me to visit Granny. She always had homemade cake for us! I remember once, when I had decided to take a leak outside, I took my leak onto an electric fence, which was on. It was dark, in the late fall or winter. I didn't notice the electric fence. It was a shocking experience!

Age 15 Niece

Thirty-five years plus one day, after Granny Ferrell passed away, the oldest daughter of my youngest brother and his wife was born. My niece attained the age of 15, on 6/12/2021.

My 2/9/2020 article – “BULLS GAP MIDDLE SCHOOL LADY BULLDOGS: STATE FINAL FOUR!!” – comes to mind.

My brother, her father, sent me the above photograph, on 3/17/2013, St. Patrick's Day. Her younger sister is in the photograph also. My niece was age seven then.

Niece, your aunt (Mrs. Appalachian Irishman) and I are PROUD of you! You are continuing the example of your Ferrell ancestors. Granny Ferrell would be PROUD of you! That sentiment includes your younger sister also! Your parents are raising you in the Appalachian Irish tradition – of godly parents, godly heritage, and biblical values! Do NOT let the modern world – of moral decay, etc. – take you off your heavenly path! I KNOW it will not. I have faith in you! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I love you! Don't you look forward to meeting your great grandparents? Don't you look forward to meeting your paternal grandmother? Your paternal grandfather always bragged about you, before he passed, in 2008. He saw you many times.


Everyone needs to live in honor of God, family, and heritage! The trivialities of skin color or nation of origin do not matter! The Democrat Socialists continue to drive their divisive wedge into the heart of this once great nation.

Those who continue to live in honor of God, family, and heritage will endure and survive the divisive wedge. Join the eldest daughter of my youngest brother and his wife, along with many others, who stand together, to heal the wound that the divisive wedge is causing! Will you? I trust that you will!

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