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Howdy, y'all! Thanks for “dropping by for a cup of coffee, to read a while!” Ain't it plenty warm and humid today? (It is here, in northeast Tennessee. It may not be, in your area of the world. This website has a global audience.) Well, now that we've talked about the weather, let's get to the main topic.

I suggest that you read first my article, “5/1/2021, Saturday, May Day: Tribute to a Fine Officer (published 5/8/2021).” That article will set the stage for this article. This article continues the same theme.

Tribute to Another Fine Officer

Today was a typical Saturday – no work, sleep a couple hours extra, country breakfast (thanks, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman!), hot/cold shower (for my “bionics”), and the usual chores. During my chores, the typical became the providential, as on 5/1/2021 (the 5/8/2021 article).

I met another fine officer, who holds the thin, blue line! I shook his hand twice. I was the second person, to shake his hand today, to honor him for his service. I'm glad that someone else had given him the first hand shake! There are many others out there, in addition to me.

This fine officer and I could speak only briefly. We could have talked much longer. (He was on his way into the business, at the moment that I was on my way out.) He gave me permission to write about the experience. I mentioned my conversation, with his younger colleague, on 5/1/2021. I told him about this website. This older officer spoke in the same manner, as the younger officer had, whom I'd met on 5/1/2021. I wish that I could remember his exact words. The officer said that others and he hold the dark and wicked evil in check for us. His words were far more eloquent.

The officer indicated that he was skilled on the Internet. He will remember and visit this website. He will be able to make a comment anonymously. I hope that he does.


I wish that I could meet an officer of the law every week! Once a month (May and June) is not too bad! If fact, it is great! These fine men and women need to know that we, the people whom they serve, have their backs!

Every time that you have the opportunity to meet and speak with an officer of the law, look him or her in the eye, offer a handshake, and thank each one for his or her service! It is a mutual benefit!

Too all the officers of the law out there, whose hands I haven't shaken yet, I shake your hands now, via this article! Thank you, each one of you, for your service – to protect and serve us. We have your backs! You are welcome to share this handshake across the Internet!

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