Saturday, June 12, 2021



The socialists struck again! Read my “STEALTH INVASION BY NIGHT IN CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE (Published 5/23/21, Sunday)” article.

The socialists are moving fast, to acquire more illegal alien voters, who will vote socialist! Wait for the upcoming illegal alien vote to keep the socialists in power. It will happen.

5/27/2021 Stealth Invasion in Knoxville This Time

On 5/27/2021, “a plane” known “to be carrying unaccompanied” illegal alien “children in the custody of the” USSA “government landed just before midnight at McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville.” The WATE TV link, published on 5/28/2021, has been known for more than two weeks now.

You are welcome to click the link (in blue), if you want to read the details. I wonder how many other illegal alien invasions have taken place, without the media catching them.


The “democratic socialists” are building their “vote early and often” base, to ensure that their “socialist Utopia” stands – for about the next 70 years only. I will be at Home, before the USSA falls, thankfully.

This was just a side-note article, today, y'all! I'm still trying to entertain my fertile mind, before supper!

What do you know? I may download a free version of “Space Invaders!” Do you remember that arcade game from the 1980's?

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