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Greetings! In my first 5/1/2022 article, one of the four sub-sections – for Tuesday, 3/29/2022 – was on “Advance Knox Psychobabble.” I need to dedicate this complete article to the topic. Yes, I know. It's another “poly-tics” (many ticks) article. I apologize. I must write this one, to get it off my mind.

With regret to my readers, who are not in Knox County, Tennessee, this article is not relevant – except for your passing interest. To my Knox County readers, you are welcome to read – to join the struggle – and to protect your interests – as I am doing. You are welcome to share this article, as long as you cite this source.

As a side note, during the afternoon of 5/7/2022, my website article views, at that moment in time, for the last seven days had included: United States 176. Russia 87. Germany 22. Sweden 13. France 10. Poland 8. Netherlands 6. Belgium 5. Saudi Arabia 5. Ukraine 5. Czechia 4. United Kingdom 4. Hungary 4. Austria 2. Belarus 2. Spain 2. Israel 2. Luxembourg 2. Canada 1. Other (not known) 8. That is 368 views in seven days, or just over 52 daily. In April 2022, my total views were 1,900, which is about my usual, monthly viewer total.

The Psychobabble, since 5/1/2022 (May Day, Sunday)

On 5/1/2022, via, I entered the following “Public Input:”

From a section in my website ( article, 5/1/22: "On 4/4/22, I replied to the 4/4/22 email that I had received, from I stated, as I had requested, in the 3/29/22 virtual meeting, that I was still awaiting a phone call from those folks. I had and have requested phone conversation with Advance Knox. As of this date, Advance Knox has not called me. The crickets chirp only."

On 5/6/2022, at 5:17 PM, via the same “Public Input” website, I entered the following:

See my 5/1/2022 comment. On 5/3/2022, a gentleman left me voice mail, when I could not answer. On 5/4/2022, I left the gentleman two voice mails. On 5/5/22, I emailed the gentleman. On 5/6/2022, I received a generic email from Advance Knox (which was probably sent to many). Later, on 5/6/2022, I replied to the Advance Knox email, with copy to the gentleman, whose "read receipt" I have seen. SO, WHEN WILL ANYONE CALL ME, again, for a CONVERSATION BY PHONE? Crickets still chirp. My "Appalachian Irishman" website may write about this -- if I have the interest to do so. I have local and international readers. My website started in 03/2006.

On 5/6/2022, at 9:37 PM, I received the gentleman's email reply, to my 5/5/2022 email to him. Apparently, he plans to call me, on 5/9/2022, Monday, at 9:30 AM. (I replied to his 5/6/2022 email to me, regarding my anticipation of his 5/9/2022 call to me.) I assume that my 3/29/2022 request for phone conversation will, finally, be completed. We will see.

Advance Knox (Layers of Bureaucracy)

This section details the Advance Knox bureaucracy (including government and non-government entities or individuals). The information, below, is cited exactly, from Advance Knox, “Project Overview,” “Who's Involved.” I added the links, for “Consultants” and “Staff” – since the Advance Knox website does not contain the links. I did the research. If you click the five “Consultants” links, you will find their physical locations and several details. My notes are underlined and in blue font color.

Project Overview

This 18-month process will be the first time Knox County has created an integrated land use and transportation plan, and it has the potential to be transformative.

It is crucial that this plan be built on the values, needs, and aspirations of people throughout the county, and be supported by good data. There will be multiple opportunities for community input and feedback throughout the process.

Who's Involved


Process leadership, expertise

Kimley-Horn and Planning NEXT will facilitate the process and share experience from other successful communities. Cannon & Cannon, Ninigret Partners, and Urban 3 will provide technical and subject matter expertise.



Staff from Knox County and Knoxville-Knox County Planning will support and help coordinate the work of all other groups and provide local knowledge and expertise.

Advisory Committee

Process, substance, and community outreach

A diverse group of community members that will provide guidance on the process and substance of the plan and will serve as community advocates.

[My note: twenty six “Members” are listed.]

Technical Committee

Local subject matter experts and advisors

A group of community members with specific technical knowledge that will provide direction at major milestones in the process.

[My note: fifteen “Representatives” are listed.]


Topical direction

Two subcommittees, focused on schools and utilities, and composed of members of the Advisory Committee and technical committee, will provide input and direction related to those topics.

[My note: nine “Utilities Subcommittee Representatives” are listed. One “School Subcommittee Representatives” (sic) is listed.]


Targeted input

Additional topical focus groups will be convened to inform specific aspects of the plan. These groups include business leaders, neighborhood associations, real estate professionals and developers, education professionals, students, and others.


Input and feedback

Community participation is vital to the plan’s success. Three rounds of input opportunities and online tools will offer a variety of different ways for the community to give input throughout the process.

Elected Officials

Monitor and adopt

County Commission will monitor the process through input and periodic briefings with the expectation to formally adopt the final plan. The Commission will have a central role in implementation through regulatory updates or funding allocations.

Advance Knox is a process to prepare a land use and transportation plan for Knox County that is informed by research and community input.

For additional information or general inquiries, please direct emails to

In summary, the Advance Knox “Who's Involved” includes fifty-eight entities and individuals – not including the unnumbered “Stakeholders,” “Public,” and “Elected Officials.” I am one of the “public” involved!

Knoxville-Knox County Planning (started in 1956)

The Knoxville-Knox County Planning is one of the two “Staff,” listed above, for Advance Knox. I “dug a little deeper in the well,” on those bureaucrats.

From their website, Knoxville-Knox County Planning was “established in 1956 by Knoxville and Knox County,” as authorized by “Title 13 of the Tennessee Code.” They started before I was born. I wonder why they did not plan to stop the various planning disasters that caused the many known interstate and highway “malfunctions” in Knoxville and Knox County – over their last sixty plus years of “planning.”

From the archives at Knoxville-Knox County Planning, the “Knoxville-Knox County General Plan 2033” is found. It is a 77-page PDF file, which I have downloaded and saved on my home computer. The plan was “Adopted by: Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission, April 10, 2003. Knoxville City Council, May 12, 2003. Knox County Commission, May 27, 2003. Amended by the Knoxville-Knox County Park, Recreation and Greenways Plan adopted by MPC on July 9, 2009, by County Commission on January 25, 2010, and by City Council on January 26, 2010.”

I have read or skimmed through the 77-page PDF plan. This 30-year plan started on 4/10/2003 (the birth month and day of my deceased mother-in-law). The plan is nineteen years old. It has eleven more years of life, until, as I speculate, the bureaucrats extend its life.

Knoxville-Knox County Planning is a bureaucracy inside, and separate from, the Advance Knox bureaucracy. I have had to break through many spider webs, on many hikes.

(Free download via Image by Marina Rabazova.)

I understand bureaucratic spider webs. As a man of practical common sense, I do not understand why the bureaucratic spider webs exist – except to perpetuate themselves – and to provide salaries for the bureaucrats.


The Advance Knox bureaucrats do not have the ability to honor my 3/29/2022 request, to be contacted by phone – unless I push the correct buttons – to encourage them. My frustration is apparent.

So, on 5/9/2022, Monday, at 9:30 AM, I will know if an Advance Knox bureaucrat honors my 3/29/2022 request – to be contacted by phone. Six weeks of waiting for a phone call is too long – even for bureaucrats! Advance Knox needs to expedite its ability to return phone calls, in a timely manner – not taking six weeks to do so. Until Monday, the crickets are cornered and still chirping.

(Free download via by Marc Pascual.)

Don't worry, y'all! This is the first of four articles today. The second one will be somewhat humorous and brief. The third one will be theologically profound. The final article will be for Mother's Day (on VE Day).

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