Friday, May 20, 2022



Howdy, y'all! I'm enjoying my fifth day of State of Tennessee retirement! Today, I spread the four bags of mulch that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I bought at Lowe's, on 5/15/2022 (Sunday afternoon).

Yesterday, my '06 Frontier and I tried Lowe's first. Their fancy saw was not working – despite what the lady had told me by phone, on 5/18/2022. So, we (my truck and I) went to Home Depot. I bought a piece of wood that Chris sawed to the proper dimensions for me, at no extra cost. My 'bionic' right foot endured the walking on concrete and asphalt – well enough. Conclusion, you ask?

See my Monday, April 6, 2020, article “4/5/20, SUNDAY, UPDATE.” In that article, I mentioned the purchase of my L-shaped home office desk – with a couple of parts missing. In time, Office Max-Depot sent me one part. They never sent the drawer for part AA! I fought them hard. I'll never buy anything from Office Max-Depot again!

Yesterday, I installed the Home Depot manufactured drawer for part AA (bottom left drawer)! My 3/21/2020 purchase of L-shaped home office desk is – FINALLY – fully installed!

That was a “life, such as it was,” update, by introduction. Let's get to the meat and potatoes of this article!

Blind Pig and the Acorn

Last weekend, I was going through my list of about twenty-six “blogs” that I'd bookmarked, starting in 2006. Most of those websites are either down or no longer active. I found a few that were still active – having transitioned from “blog” websites to ongoing websites.

I was glad to know that Blind Pig and the Acorn is still active! The website will explain the reason for that title.

On 5/14/2022, Saturday, I posted a comment on the article “Shocking Mountains,” May 14, 2022:

Howdy, Tipper! I hope that you and yours are getting along well enough! It’s been a while. You made a great comment, on my Saturday, December 12, 2009, article, “House Mountain & Devil’s Nose” ( I’m glad to “stop by, with a cup of coffee,” to visit you a while! I am very glad to know that you have been keeping your website active! (I’ve been doing the same.) If you don’t mind, I plan to link your website, in my “Appalachian Heritage” section of websites. May God bless you and yours! I’m still standing here. I ain’t breathing hard! See my “I’M STILL ALIVE – WHY? (Published 8/26/2016)” article for details.

Tipper replied to my 5/17/2022 email, on 5/19/2022. She granted me permission to cite her website, in my “APPALACHIAN HERITAGE” section! Her website, as of today, joins the other four websites in that section.

Thanks, Tipper, for your permission, your daily articles on Appalachian heritage, and for having kept your website going all these years! We are a few, from almost a decade ago, who are still standing! May God bless you and yours! Thanks, by the way, for your 5/19/2022 comment on my “I’M STILL ALIVE – WHY? (Published 8/26/2016)” article. I'll express my appreciation here. I'll send you an email reply, once I publish this article!


I have several more articles in rough draft, or in my mind. I have more time to write my articles! State retirement is great – so far! Dear Lord, may the situation continue!

Y'all keep turnin' right and goin' straight out there! It's the only way to wind up on the right side, at judgment day. It's the only way that this once great nation can return to its godly roots.


Tipper said...

Thank you for the kind words!! And I'm glad you got the desk fixed : )

M. Fearghail said...

You are very welcome, Tipper! Your website,, restores the hope that Appalachian culture, values, and lifestyle will not be lost! I read your articles (and watch videos). I just read your 5/23/2022 “The Art of Frying Taters” and watched “A Traditional Appalachian Meal and How to Make Soup Beans and Kilt Lettuce.” I'm hungry, even though I just ate breakfast!