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How are y'all? I hope well. I'm enjoying my third day of Tennessee State retirement! (See my 5/15/2022 article.) I spent the late morning and early afternoon, planting Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's five sets of roses (four pink and white and one RED, not pink). (See my 5/16/2022 article.) The proof is in the photograph, below!

Yes, that's my '06 Frontier (new, ol' truck) enjoying the shade in the “barn” (i.e., garage). Mrs. Appalachian Irishman must inspect the flower bed, before I spread the bags of mulch that we bought, in the afternoon, on 5/15/2022, Sunday.

Please forgive the personal sidetrack. This article is my third, in the “poly-tics” series on Advance Knox. (See my 5/9/2022 article that linked to my 5/8/2022, first, article.) I like those folks now. This article focuses on the need to keep an eye out on Knox County Commission.

Gibbs Planning Advocates - GPA: 5/16/2022 “Heads Up”

I have a “Farcebook” connection with Gibbs Planning Advocates - GPA. It is a fine group of community volunteers that want to retain the mostly rural status of this area. I write, today, to help that group.

On Monday, 5/16/2022, at 7:54 AM, that group gave the “heads up,” about the 5/23/2022, Monday, Knox County Commission meeting (7 PM). The meeting will include discussion on 4–M-22-RZ/4-G-22-SP, which is a known developer's attempt to turn farm land into a “McMansion” subdivision.

Yesterday, I commented, on the 5/16/2022 Gibbs Planning Advocates - GPA post:

Thanks, Gibbs Planning Advocates - GPA. I have website and PDF files. I'm working on an article, for my website ( We must stop the LLC property buyers from creating another "McMansion" subdivision, in the Corryton/Gibbs area! That road will NOT sustain the traffic! We, who live in this area, KNOW! Keep the Corryton/Gibbs area mostly RURAL! There are too many "McMansion" subdivisions here already! We don't have the roads for more!

Those folks “liked” my comment.

Knox County Planning Alliance, Knoxville-Knox County Planning, and Knox County Commission – Layers of Bureaucracy – Websites & Information

The above is a complex section title that involves three sub-sections (below). I apologize. This section involves layers of bureaucracy.

Knox County Planning Alliance (established in 2018)

Their “about” section of their website is They are “a volunteer-organized community established in 2018.”

I have bookmarked their The area of interest is: “Northeast County. #20 4-G-22-SP / 4-M-22-RZ 7921 / 7923 Thompson School Rd, Sector Plan Ag to LDR, Rezone Ag to PR @ 5 du/ac. Transportation Analysis. 108 acres total. Same applicant as Dry Hollow neighborhood in South Knox. Commission 8. Contact Gibbs Planning Advocates ( for neighbors interested in this issue.”

Knoxville-Knox County Planning (established in 1956)

I mentioned these folks, in my first 5/8/2022 article. From their

Knoxville-Knox County Planning (Planning) was established in 1956 by Knoxville and Knox County as the agency responsible for comprehensive county-wide planning and administration of zoning and land subdivision regulations.

These are the folks that started, before I was born. Their incompetence allowed the various “malfunction junction” roads and “McMansion” subdivisions.

I have four of their links saved: Case search for 4-M-22-RZ. Plan Amendment. Northeast County Sector Plan Amendment. 4-G-22-SP Related Case(s) 4-M-22-RZ. April, 2022, Planning Commission, Meeting Information. Plan Amendment. Northeast County Sector Plan Amendment. 4-G-22-SP Related Case(s) 4-M-22-RZ.

Note: via, you can see the farm property that the known developer wants to turn into “McMansions.” The link is Description: File Number: 4-G-22-SP. Applicant Name (1): I-75 Land Partners, LLC. Current Sector Plan Designation: AG (Agricultural), HP (Hillside Protection) & SP (Stream Protection). Requested Sector Plan Designation: LDR (Low Density Residential), HP (Hillside Protection) & SP (Stream Protection).

I know how to follow their bureaucratic psychobabble! I am watching them!

Knox County Commission

The Commission website is On 5/10/2022, my Commissioner replied, very cordially, to my 5/9/2022 email to him.

He is the Chairman of the Commission. Neither he nor I want to see another “McMansion” subdivision – especially in our “neck of the woods.” The winding, two-lane, country road will not handle the traffic – if the “McMansion” subdivision is built. My Commissioner has assured me, in email, that he wants to defeat the known developer's desire to build a “McMansion” subdivision on farm land.


As a side note, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had called me, about 4:30 PM, to ask me to peel some 'taters for her. I took a break from writing, to peel those 'taters! An Irishman must eat!

I'm one of many, who are keeping an eye on Knox County Commission! We are watching y'all! Y'all do right by the unknown number of folks, who want to retain the rural area of rural areas!

By the way, my new friends, at Advance Knox published my three comments (5/1/2022, 5/6/2022, and 5/9/2022). My comments are part of several comments on the basic theme of this article. Keep rural areas rural! No “McMansion” subdivisions!

In close, I will email the various known folks, after I publish this article. My email will reference this article.

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Mrs. Appalachian Irishman said...

Well I am not sure you know what you planted. I left one petite red rose bush and four other containers of petunias. I guess you have the power to change water into wine too!! Thanks for all your work. I love you -- for real.