Thursday, May 12, 2022

MY THIRD 'BIONIC' TOOTH (published 5-12-2022; article #324)


This is a funny, “life, such as it was,” article. I had to find something to do, while I was bored, working at home!

My article of October 24, 2020 mentioned my second 'bionic' tooth. I got my first 'bionic' tooth, in 1982 – after having chipped an upper right tooth, when I'd bitten into a hamburger that had a bone fragment in it.

On Thursday, 2/3/2022, at the office, I decided to chew some gum. I chipped an upper, right tooth – on chewing gum! I can't make up this stuff folks! It happened. Apparently, they don't make forty-year-old fillings like they used to do.


On 2/11/2022, Friday, I took the early afternoon (12 - 1:45 PM) off work (from home). My dentist cleaned and investigated. The mold was cast for my new (third) crown. I took the photograph, below, after the appointment. I'd saved the front part of my tooth that broke off and a few of the old (about 1982) fillings that had chipped out also.



On Friday, 3/4/2022, my dentist set the temporary crown on my chipped tooth. The total time, including driving, was from 11:30 AM to about 12:45 PM. I remember swallowing Novocain. It was the fault of no one. It just happened. I returned home, to finish the work-at-home day. After work, I put together a new pole lamp, for my home office. I felt fine.

In the early evening, the Novocain that I had ingested had a variety of unpleasant adverse reactions. My mind was fuzzy. I had trouble walking. I was dizzy. I felt like crap! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman knows! After lying on the bed a while, about 8:30 PM or so, I started to feel better.

The next day, Saturday, I awakened, still tasting Novocain in my mouth! I was sluggish. By the early afternoon, however, I felt fine again. I did the usual trash haul and other chores, as usual.

Never, never ingest Novocain! It is not pleasant! See the WebMD article on “Novocain Injection.” It does NOT include details on Novocain INGESTION!


Monday, 4/4/2022, was a “rich, full” day. My wife, fortunately, was on her spring break vacation week. Her aunt Mona Beckner (age 100) -- about whom I have written, in January and April, 2022 -- was hospitalized that day.

In the midst of aunt Mona's status, I had my usual monthly chiropractic adjustment, during my work-at-home lunch hour. Afterward, I was off work, for my final dental appointment. The total time, including driving, was from 2:30 - 4:45 PM. My dentist was overbooked. I waited. Finally, my third new crown ('bionic' tooth) was in place – with NO NOVOCAIN! I'll never agree to Novocain again!


Well, I finally decided to publish this little article. It's funny. It was “life, such as it was.” I had to do something, while bored and working at home today.

By the way, please await a future article. It will be about my future, undiscovered country!

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