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ADVANCE KNOX UPDATE: I AM IMPRESSED & ENCOURAGED (published 5-9-2022; article #322)


To my Knox County area readers, aren't you happy that the morning clouds turned to crisp, blue sky! The last three days of clouds, storms, and rain are gone! To my readers in other states and nations, I hope that y'all are doing well.

This article is follow up to my first article yesterday, “ADVANCE KNOX PSYCHOBABBLE UPDATE: CRICKETS STILL CHIRP (published 5-8-2022; article #318).”

As a side note, the Advance Knox Comments Section has not yet published my 5/6/2022, at 5:17 PM, comment. They don't have to do so. My article yesterday published the comment. I have the email from Advance Knox that thanked me for my input.

The Phone Conversation

The gentleman, whom I mentioned yesterday, in my article on this topic, called me, at 9:30 AM on the dot! The six weeks of awaiting a phone call were over! The gentleman and I talked forty-five minutes. (I took an extended break, from my work-at-home day!) The conversation was pleasant and informative.

First, as educated and experienced country boys, we shared the snapshot stories of our lives. We got to know each other. We are both educated country boys, who were raised right. We share the same God-given values.

After having become acquainted, we conversed about the Advance Knox “spider web” of bureaucracy. The gentleman appreciated my analogy. We discussed several points. I won't go into all the details. I remember them.

The bottom line is that the spider web of Advance Knox bureaucracy appears to drive the same agenda that I am driving. Hiking, I have pushed through many spider webs, to get to a ridge line. Advance Knox seems to be pushing through the spider webs.

What is the agenda? The fifty-eight entities and individuals that compose the spider web of Advance Knox appear to want to keep rural areas rural, to restrict the developer-driven attempt to build more “McMansion” subdivisions, to reduce the profound traffic congestion, and to use common sense, as Knox County continues to grow.

Sidetrack on Northerners vs. Yankees

We can't stop folks in other states from moving into the county. I don't blame the folks who are trying to get out of “blue” states, as they are called. “Blue state” “Socialist Utopian Oblivion” planning is the incubator for USSA “Socialist Utopian Oblivion” planning.

Please allow this sidetrack. I must define, again, the difference between a northerner and a Yankee. I quote from my very first article, “HOW TO PRONOUNCE 'APPALACHIAN' (First Article; Published 3/6/2006).”

Oh, regarding "Yankee," there is a difference between a northerner who simply moves into Appalachia and a Yankee! A northerner may have been born somewhere else, but he is proud of Appalachian values, heritage, and culture and tries to fit in, without trying to change us. A Yankee, on the other hand, is a haughty, arrogant, blankety blank who thinks that he knows it all and comes down here to educate us "poor, dumb folks." A Yankee tries to force his politically correct "tolerance" on us (a contradiction in itself), and we just laugh at him behind his back--or do worse if he gets too uppity! Now, do you understand the difference? Good!

That first article continues to draw readers! I have had many comments, with my replies, over the years. The last comment, with my reply, was on 4/13/2015. Now that I have educated my readers, again, on the difference between a northerner and a Yankee, I will move on!


If someone, anyone, from Advance Knox had called me sooner, based on my 3/29/2022 request, I would have been more impressed and encouraged.

The gentleman's call to me today impressed and encouraged me. My comment, today (5/9/2022, 4:50 PM), on the Advance Knox Comments website is:

Update to my 5/1/2022 comment: a fine, educated, country boy, who is part of the Advance Knox spider web of bureaucracy, called me today (5/9/2022), at 9:30 AM on the dot. We talked 45 minutes. I am impressed and encouraged. My opinion now is that Advance Knox is doing all that it can, to prevent urban sprawl into mostly rural areas and to use wisdom for new growth in the county. The gentleman is welcome to arrange a face-to-face visit with me. I'd like to look him in the eye and tell him thanks, in person! Advance Knox, y'all keep on doing right, for us! Thank you. See my 5/9/2022 article, on my website, Appalachian Irishman.

I wonder if they will publish my 5/9/2022 comment. We will see.

I hope that the gentleman, when he is in our area, calls me, as I had invited him to do so. I'd like to sit down, with a cup of coffee for both of us, to talk in person.

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