Sunday, May 01, 2022

“DEVIL'S NOSE,” by WINNIE SEALS (published 5-1-2022; article #317)


The first article today was a rough draft that I finished finally. This is the second rough draft that I am finishing today.

The fourth anniversary of the passing of my mother-in-law (Phyllis Ann House Gordon, 4/10/1941 - 4/30/2017) was yesterday. The celebratory article that I published yesterday helped Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and her family survive the sad memory of my mother-in-law's passing.

One of the four subsections, in the first article today, is about the CHS Yearbook. I was too late to have my website advertised in the 2022 Yearbook. I did donate the price of a Yearbook, so that a student, who could not afford one, could have one. Winnie (Winn) Seals and I conversed by phone, on 3/29/2022, as folks from Hawkins County Tennessee do. She is a teacher at Cherokee High School and a member of their Yearbook staff.

We both have an interest in Devil's Nose – in Hawkins County. The Topic Section, Devil's Nose, has five articles that I have published, over the years.

Winnie (Winn) Seals emailed me her painting of Devil's Nose, in two images, and her poem, “Devil's Nose.” She granted me permission, on 3/29/2022, to publish her painting and poem, citing her full name, in a future article, once I got around to writing it. Well, Winn, here it is! I will email you after I publish this article, as I promised, on 3/29/2022!

Winn Seals' Devil's Nose Painting

In her second email of 3/29/2022, Winnie (Winn) Seals wrote, “Here is my work from Devil's Nose Inspiration.” I am inspired. I hope that my readers are.

Winn Seals' “Devil's Nose” Poem

Devil’s Nose

Sunlight breaks through the clouds
Revealing a mountain peak.
Sloping up from the valley below.
A crooked nose
Seen from far away.

At the foot of the summit
The valley hovers in its shadow.

Over two centuries ago
When the valley was settled
Folks made the climb.

The long trek up the bridge of the nose
Ascends in a challenging slant.
Crosses a shallow stream.
               A rugged trail.

Near the top of the trail
It ends in a flat surface.
               God’s place.

An early traveler once asked,
“What’s the mountain's name?”
The mountain pioneer replied,
“The Devil knows.”

– Winn Ann Seals

How Devil's Nose got its name is a mystery. One theory is in Winnie Seals' poem. The mountain, viewed from the east, looks like a crooked nose, as Winn's poem mentions. Another theory is that someone hiked Devil's Nose and never returned. The question, many decades ago, was, “Where did he go?” The reply was, “Only the devil knows.”

I started tracking my hiking record, on 4/23/2000. It lists ten hikes on Devil's Nose, from 2/16/2002 to 11/29/2013. My “bionic” life that started on 3/29/2016 has forestalled my next hike on Devil's Nose – for now!


When will I hike Devil's Nose again? God only knows!

Thank you, Winnie Seals, for allowing me to share your painting and poem on my website. It took me a while to get to it, in the context of “life, such as it was.” You are welcome to reprint or publish this article, by any means, as you desire. Let's get a group together, for a Devil's Nose hike, this fall!

As of today, I now have six “Devil's Nose” articles in that Topic Section!


valerie c. diamond said...

what a beautiful painting & poem...and what a thoughtful inspiring way to share it! both artist and blogger!!! thank you!
valerie c diamond

valerie c. diamond said...

what a beautiful painting & poem!! thank you for sharing (both artist & blogger)!!! and inspiring me to do something nice for a local student!
valerie c diamond

M. Fearghail said...

Thank you, Valerie C. Diamond, for your comments! I'm pleased that my second article of 5/1/2022 continues to be read. Most importantly, your comments express your desire (as a teacher, which I assume), to encourage students, especially the local student, whom you mention. Thank you! As adults, we must help young folks turn right and go straight in life. As has been said, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”