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This is my third article today. My next and final article will be about Mother's Day on Victory in Europe Day. The USSA still celebrates Mother's Day (or “birthing person” day, as some ungodly socialists call it – incorrectly). The USSA gives Victory in Europe (VE) Day a passing glance annually.

In my Good Friday, April 15, 2022, article, I wrote, for 4/14/2022, Thursday, “the graveside service for aunt Mona was at 1 PM.” A first cousin, of my wife, on her mother's side, was at the graveside service.

This male, first cousin to my wife, has a mind for intellectual discussion and debate – in an aggravating sense. He does not have self-confidence problems. In fact, he thinks himself to be a man of profound brilliance – smarter than anyone else near him. Over the decades, I have enjoyed several occasions, in which I have taken him down a few notches, intellectually. It's not bragging. It's just facts.

Graveside Debate on 4/14/2022

After the graveside service, for aunt Mona, this man (older by a few years) struck up a conversation with me. The conversation started with the honoring of Mona Beckner, appropriately. As I suspected, he switched gears, into a conversation on morality, politics, and theology. I, of course, was prepared to engage him, in this, inappropriate, graveside debate. He started it. I had to stand my ground.


The recent news -- regarding the leaked USSA “Supreme” Court document that could overturn Roe v. Wade -- had not started yet. The man had started the conversation on the state of morality in this once great nation. We seemed to agree that folks need to return to biblically-based morality that originates in God – the Divine Supreme Lawgiver.

The man stated that the murdering of unborn children (euphemistically called abortion) was wrong. We agreed. He stated, however, that those who affirm the “right to life” do not help mothers, who carry their unborn children in their wombs. I disagreed and cited various groups that are known, which affirm life and provide various services to women, who carry life inside their wombs.

Of course, the man starts a debate on a topic of close agreement. He then builds to topics of disagreement, in his effort to “educate” those, who are not as “educated” as he is. I knew the pattern.

By the way, the murdering of unborn children is an evil that has been in this once great nation, since 1973. I hope that it is about to end.


The next debate topic, as the man continued to build to his main debate topic, was on politics – especially on socialism. He was surprised that I knew that the USSA government was socialist, in many areas. The man thinks that socialism is the “utopia” for the people.

I cited the five years that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I lived in Russia (10/1/1994 to 9/30/1999). I used my coined phrase, “Socialist Utopian Oblivion,” to his amazement. The man seems to be ready for that oblivion. I am not. We did not agree.


That debate topic brought us to his final debate topic – theology, specifically on “incarnations.” I kept trying to turn the conversation with this man to spiritual matters, for his everlasting benefit. The discussions on morality and politics were side tracks. I don't know if this man is ready everlastingly. I don't think that he is.

The man indicated that the incarnation of God the Word, who became the God-man, Jesus the Christ, was the final incarnation of God. He argued that “god” had incarnated himself, in many forms, such as Buddha, the Dalai Lama, Viṣṇu, etc. The man attempted, as usual, to “overwhelm” me with his knowledge on the topic.

I stood my defensive ground. I enabled the man to understand that I have studied world religions. I had known, for decades, what he thought that he was “teaching” me. Several “incarnation” myths predate the fact of the Incarnate Word. At one point, in the man's continued affirmative, I retorted, “Cite your sources!” Some of his claims are not substantiated, as I know. The man didn't ask me to cite my sources. I, however, do so, in the next heading.

Cite Your Sources!”

In this heading, I cite my sources. I reference only website sources. You can read them, as you decide to do so.

On incarnation, the article “Incarnation” (by John Haught, updated 6/8/2018) defines the term “incarnation,” explains its usage, and provides information on “incarnations,” in the various world religions. The article is informative only. It does not argue for or against any world religion.

On world religions, the online learning platform, Course Hero, has a “World Religions” course that has very good information, which I have known for decades. The course lists and explains the world religions, without arguing one over the other. The course is informative only.

Of worthy note, to a Christian apologist, Answers in Genesis has a “World Religions” topic section that references several articles, on the various world religions. By starting their, one can “dig a little deeper,” as needed. The articles affirm, validly and soundly, the facts that prove the incarnation of the eternal God, the Word, who became the Christ – as the only true incarnation.

From Apologetics Press, I read, again, the following articles, which I had read years ago.

“Jesus Christ–Unique Savior or Average Fraud? [Part I],” by Kyle Butt, M.Div., AP Staff, Reason & Revelation, Deity of Christ, Divine Life and Doctrine, from issue R&R Volume 21 #2, published February 1, 2001. The article cites several incarnation myths, with references. Each alleged incarnation is established as myth.

“Jesus Christ–Unique Savior or Average Fraud? [Part II],” by Kyle Butt, M.Div., AP Staff, Reason & Revelation, Deity of Christ, Divine Life and Doctrine, from issue R&R Volume 21 #3, published March 1, 2001. The article concludes that the Incarnate Word, who became flesh, as Jesus the Christ, is faith based on facts.

“Why Christianity? Why the Bible?” by Kippy Myers, Ph.D., Reason & Revelation, Doctrinal Matters, Faith and Reason, published January 31, 1994. The article compares world religions, establishes the credibility of the biblical record, and affirms Judeo-Christian – as the only true religion.


My wife's first cousin, on her mother's side, affirmed, proudly, that he has read The Koran. He was surprised, when I told him that I have had a copy of The Koran for decades. I have read much of it – until I grew tired of its repetition and its copying from the Old Testament in the Bible. He also knows that I have had a copy of the Bhagavad-Gita, since my first short-term mission trip to India (in 1989). I have read some of it. It reads as mythology. By God's grace, I led several Muslims and Hindus to Christ. I was trying to convert my wife's cousin to Christ. I planted seeds, again, at least.

At the conclusion of my Good Friday, April 15, 2022, article, I wrote:

Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. He asked Martha if she believed him. I am sure that Martha did. Aunt Mona Beckner did. She enjoys the heavenly bliss of many, who have gone on before her.

Do you believe? Resurrection Day is coming!

At the conclusion of the inappropriate graveside debate, on 4/14/2022, I looked my wife's first cousin in the eyes, shook his hand, called him by his first name, and said, “keep turning right and going straight!” (It was my way of trying to encourage him to salvation in Christ.) He looked down, at his shoes, as he shook my hand. He said nothing. He would not look me in the eye. I walked back to our truck, where Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was waiting.

Do you believe, cousin-in-law? Resurrection Day is coming! It is not blind faith. It is faith based on facts that I can prove.

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5/17/2022 ADDENDUM: while enjoying my second day of State of Tennessee retirement, I found Ileana Johnson (Washington DC - Baltimore area; best selling author, columnist, and radio commentator). Her website is Her LinkedIn is Her website contains many excellently written and scholarly articles against socialism.